Day 11,12,13,14,15 and 16

Another pic of me and my friends…

As I mentioned before, I am usually the one taking the photos so I do not have many if any pics of my friends and I. The one pic I was able to find I posted already (see above).

How I found out about blogging and why I made one…

I don’t remember the exact moment I found out about blogging but I have been reading blogs forever. i read a variety of blogs and I love it. Blogs give me the same pleasure as magazines, it can be mindless, entertaining, refreshing and educational. I love reading the thoughts of others and hearing what people I don’t know have to say. It helps me to appreciate and embrace the diversity in the world and I really enjoy it. I started my own blog because I felt like I had something to contribute to the giant conversation that happens in the blogging world.

A letter to someone who has hurt you recently…

not ready for this one yet, but I will revisit.

A pic of me and my family…

see posts about pics of me and my friends…

My iPod on shuffle the first 10 songs…

*Because of You-Cece Winans

*Last night- Az Yet

*I want you-Michael McDonald

*Taxi Cab- R. Kelly

*Flaws and All-Beyonce

*The Corner-Common

*Fly Above-Kandi

*Be myself Again- Eric Benet


*Fall for your type-Jamie Foxx

Another pic of myself…


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