A picture of me and my friends- Day 3

I was a little worried about this post because I did not have to figure out which pic to post because there arent many. In fact only three came to mind and I could only find one on my computer so here it is…

If my friend L (middle) knew this pic was on my blog she would die! So I won’t tell if you won’t. She doesn’t know I have a blog yet so by the time I tell her and she reads it this post will be a ways down the list. Anywho, I wanted to post something so you dear readers would not think I was friendless and that is why have committed to writing this blog. I will admit however that I have many acquanitances but very few people that I can call friends and L is definitely one of them. The reason that I do not have many pics of me and my friends is because I am always the one taking the pics, but I decided this year that I am going to get into more of the pics and by this time next year I will have a slew of pics of me and my friends to post 😉


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